The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

When are the syllabus courses posted?

The Central Ontario orthopaedic syllabus courses are typically posted in August for the upcoming fall session and in December or early January for the following winter/spring session.

Courses are only posted once dates are confirmed with the venues for ALL of the upcoming courses. 

How do I challenge the Level 1 exam?

Go to the Education tab on the website. Click on “Exam Information” and as you scroll through you will see information about the level 1 exam. Challenge exam inquiries and information should be directed to Kaely MacMillan at

If you were unsuccessful or missed your Level exam in class.

As per the directions regarding the level 1 challenge exam … as you scroll through the Exam Information you will see information regarding the Level 2 and 3 exams and re-writing the exam. Please note that unlike the in-class version (multiple choice), the re-write exams are in a written/short answer format.

Who can invigilate my exam?

Your invigilator must be:

  1. A registered Orthopaedic Division Instructor or instructor in the process of credentialing with the Orthopaedic Division … or
  2. A registered Orthopaedic Division mentor … or
  3. A faculty member or instructor at a recognized educational institution in Canada.  (University or College, Academic or Professional Program).  This individual does not need to be a physiotherapist

In the GTA you should be able to access these folks readily.  It is your responsibility to locate an invigilator.  The PODCR can provide assistance for cases where individuals live in remote areas.

How do I find a mentor?

There is a list of mentors on the website.  If you are in the syllabus system and taking syllabus courses, you will have had access this to site and have set up your login and password.

Can I miss a weekend of a course?

Short answer … No.

As the courses are in such demand if you cannot attend the course in its entirety, then it is recommended that you register for the course in a subsequent term.


But … can I make up the weekend at a different venue?

Short answer … No.

This request used to be easier years ago, however now that the system has evolved and the case history exam is in class over 2-3 weekends … students cannot bounce around between different venues. The case history exam is not necessarily the same at different course sites and the material is not necessarily taught in the same order. Logistically it is not feasible.

I missed 2 days due to illness … what happens?

You will be eligible to sit the exam, however you will need to make up the missed time/material the next time the course is offered.  You will not receive your certificate until you make up the missed material.  It is your responsibility to organize this with the PODCR once the courses have been posted for the subsequent term.

What if I have to miss a day or part of a day?

Your full attendance is expected for the entire course … you paid money for this course … why wouldn’t you be there??

We do know that unforeseen situations arise such as illness or family emergencies. There is a minimum amount of time that is allowed to be missed without penalty and is dependent on the length of the course. There are certain days of the course that you cannot miss though.

Please note that the absenteeism is cumulative through the course and should only happen for the unexpected … not the pre-planned!

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